Garmin BC 30 bežična kamera za vožnju unazad

Garmin BC 30 bežicna kamera za vožnju unazad
22.990,00 RSD

Garmin BC 30 bežična kamera za vožnju unazad, slika se prikazuje na ekranu Garmin GPS uređaja

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    Pregled na ekranu navigacije  (NAVIGACIJA SE PRODAJE POSEBNO)
    Wire to constant power and toggle easily between camera and navigation modes
    Wirelessly transmits video up to 45 feet
    Rugged enough to withstand harsh weather

A quality backup camera like the Garmin BC 30 can significantly enhance rearward visibility for drivers and, thus, help minimize the risk of “blind zone” accidents whenever your vehicle is moving in reverse.
Take the Worry out of Backing Up

When paired with a compatible GPS navigator, the BC 30 wireless backup camera helps you easily spot vehicles, pedestrians, pets and other hard-to-see obstructions behind your vehicle. If the camera is wired to your reverse lights for power, your navigator can automatically display camera footage every time the vehicle is shifted into reverse – and go back into navigation mode when shifted into a forward gear.
See Clearly What Needs to be Seen

As another option, you can wire the system to constant power, which allows you to toggle between the navigation display and backup display modes at the press of a button. The transmitter will send camera footage to your navigator’s receiver mounted up to 45 feet (13.7 meters) away (range varies based on installation; some vehicles may require an extension cable, sold separately).
Professional Installation Recommended

For installation, Garmin recommends taking the BC 30 to your dealer. But if you’re a diehard do-it-yourselfer, that’s an OK alternative as well. You’ll need to mount the camera on the rear of your vehicle and connect it to a power source, such as the rear lights. The BC 30 is rugged enough to withstand even the harshest of weather. And up to 4 cameras can be used together in 1 system, for multiple viewing angles.

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